Nicole "Cuppcake" Haglund

Aloha From Maui!


Well times sure have changed.  I said my "until we meet again" to Colorado and I've relocated myself to the beautiful island of Maui in the great gorgeous state of Hawaii.  What can I say, I get scenic views everywhere, beautiful beaches, incredible surfing and underwater experiences, perfect 80 degree weather year round.  Living here is like living in a postcard everyday.  I guess this is a photographers paradise to say the least.  I've been getting settled here for the last couple months and working on getting my business established out this way, but I just wanted to make my first blog post on the new site to have a little bit of the Aloha spirit!  Honestly, though, this isn't that drastic of a change from Colorado when it comes to the mentality of people in a laid back, healthy and active lifestyle.  Not to mention, the sunsets are just as good if not better here!  Let's just call them different but on the same level...  It really is a dream come true.


I've gotten to meet so many wonderful people just in the short time I've been here who are so welcoming and giving.  I certainly want to be able to give back in any way I can for all that has already been given to me here.  This past year has been such a whirlwind for me on so many levels, but as the cliche goes, everything happens for a reason.  I've experienced that first hand and its quite incredible to reflect upon.  Everything has just seemed to have fallen into place so perfectly on this entire journey out here and every day just continues to reinforce that this is where I am meant to be.  It's humbling to say the least. 


So here I am, ready to push myself further beyond where I've been before.  I'm wanting to grow and be better in all aspects of my life.  It takes a conscient effort to notice that change needs to happen and then it takes even more courage to make it happen.  So here I am, challenging myself to be a better photographer, entrepreneur, networker, and friend.  I'm looking forward to this adventure.   


Loving this Island Life.